The Lost Alphabet Bookstore is part of a 5,500 square-foot art space that includes a fine art gallery, artist studios, a residency program, retail space, live event venue and custom skateboard warehouse called Teaif’s. The store is located at 363 East Main Street, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, on the main strip accross the street from the Tony Hawk grant awarded skatepark and only a few blocks away from Kutztown university. Kutztown is a touristy university town in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Foot traffic was measured last month at over 14,000 and is expected to be even higher in the summer months.

Lost Alphabet is offering retail space in their bookstore to independent publishers and self published authors. The store is expected to launch in April of 2019.

We are opening the bookstore because our experience as a small independent publisher working with other stores around the world have left us frustrated. All too often other stores want to take 50% commission on consignment; as a small publisher with small margins this makes selling our books in their store unprofitable as we would actually loose money with each book sold. Therefore we are offering a non-standard model: we sell shelve space starting at $5 a month with ALL of the proceeds from the sale of the book going to the publisher or author. We feel this is a win-win-win for everyone involved as publishers can make significantly more money, our store can accept books not normally available at other stores and customers can buy knowing 100% of the proceeds go to the publisher.

A list of all of the benefits included are as follows:

  • Shelf space in our bookstore

  • Listing on our website

  • Shout-out on our social media

  • Ability to sell merchandise and apparel in our store

  • Option to host events and readings in our store