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It's A Long Way
Mauricio Sauma,Juan Salazar, Claude Thoma, Andrea Palacios, Mauricio Dahbar

In exile, you are forced to substitute your relationships with the people and places that are dearest to you with memories made of images and words. It’s a long way is a nostalgic ode to, and a photographic exploration of, Caracas, Venezuela. 


Since it has become impossible to walk around Caracas safely with a camera in hand, the authors take the reader on a journey from the inside of a car, through the recent history of their former home; a home that has become completely foreign to them. The relative safety of the moving car allows the authors to document what the passage of time is doing to their home town, and to reflect on their own relationship to a home from which they have been estranged. Combining text, images, and music, the authors aim to capture the feelings that exile awakens: nostalgia, grief, helplessness, and hope.


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