Meet the jurors for our 2017 poetry contest:

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Maurice Esworthy

An advocate for new sound poetry and cross-discursive media. Megaera-award-winning poet, editor emeritus, Steel Point Quarterly,  poetry impresario, and founder of the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel. 

A performance artist, best known for his epic "Thinking of Ng"  (1998--2003) in which he thought about (did not watch) every day for five years, the alluring Ng, a cyberspace siren.  

For many years, Esworthy secretly aspired to be a noise band.

Christopher Hinojosa

Is a photographer and writer currently based between Tokyo and Shanghai. He's worked at Aperture foundation and established the Photography Critics Society of Shanghai in partnership with IG Gallery Shanghai. His personal works and writings are concerned with Loss, Desire and romanticism. 

Ala Sivets

Is a cultural researcher, journalist, activist, art and youth worker from Belarus. She worked with 34travel magazine, Kultprosvet journal, Fialta center and ArtBelarus gallery. She is occupied with mind tricks, archaic sexuality, nature and postmodern theory.

Michael Washienko

Project Coordinator

Washienko wrote A Month of Flowers and so spicy! so sweet. They are also an international artist, having exhibited in North America, Europe and Asia. They live out of a backpack when they have one.