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Evelina Šalnaitė

My name is Evelina Šalnaitė. I grew up in a small country called Lithuania. Since my early days I’ve enjoyed drawing, cartoons and movies. With those interests in mind my parents sent me to a school with a different “Suzuki” teaching method when i got even more involved into the world of art. Eventually that led me to go to Kaunas High School of Art and after graduation I decided to study graphic design.

 Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while but editing has been there for even longer. The idea of photo collages is a way for me to make something better than it is. They’re collages of two moments that I’ve enjoyed and that have sentimental value in my life. The photos used for my collages are mostly taken in my hometown or home country but parts of them can go as far as to Sicily. Personally, these photos bring joy to me because of the sentimental and aesthetic value but I hope that the good energy that went along into making these photos can be seen by others.