If you are too daring, aim too high and dream too big for the establishment, then we want to hear from you.

To submit a proposal for a project click here. Be prepared to answer these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for prospective authors.


Brief Description:

  1. In one or two paragraphs, describe the work and your approach in creating it.

  2. Briefly explain why this book should exist.

  3. List briefly what you consider to be the outstanding, distinctive, or unique features of the work.


  1. What books already exist in this field? Discuss their strength and weaknesses, individually and specifically.

  2. How is your book similar and different to these books?


  1. What kind of person will buy the book, and why? What new information will the book provide to justify its cost and the investment of time required to read it?

  2. What is your estimate of the total market for the book?

  3. If you are aware of professional organizations or mailing lists that would be useful in promoting the book, please mention them.

Status of the Book

  1. What portion of the material is now complete?

  2. When do you expect to have your manuscript completed?

  3. What is the planned length of the book (double-spaced typed pages)?

  4. How many and what figures (drawings, half-tones, charts, etc.) do you plan to include?

  5. Does the book include any color pages?

  6. If the book includes photos, please send them in a pdf with a maximum dimension of 1000 pixels on the long side.