Terms and Conditions

For open call.

By submitting to our open call you agree that:

Artists must be 18 years or older.

Artists must have a valid email address.

Co-authoring is acceptable.

Compilation submissions are acceptable, however each contributor must give permission(s).

All authors must have the legal right to publish their art.

Proof of identity required.

Pseudonyms are acceptable, but identification verification will be needed for legal purposes.

The artist or author agrees to sign up for Lost Alphabet’s and their affiliate’s email list.

The artist or author grant Lost Alphabet the non-exclusive right to publish, sell and distribute the art, writing and information submitted in this open call in any medium for profit or for promotion in perpetuity. Publication includes but is not limited to print, audio, motion picture, apparel, social media and internet based distribution methods. Artists are not entitled to compensation either monetary or otherwise from these uses.

Lost Alphabet and its collaborators can use the information and material provided without notification or consent of the artist.

Lost Alphabet is not responsible for any misuse or perceived misrepresentation of the information submitted.